Empower your plants! Learn from the partners best practices.

We are pleased to invite you for our breakfast knowledge session during GreenTech 2019!
Jointly organized by the GPE (Growing by Plant Empowerment) partners Hoogendoorn Growth Management, Hortilux Schréder, Koppert Biological Systems, LetsGrow.com, Ludvig Svensson and  Saint-Gobain Cultilene on June 11th and 12th. We will tell you all and share our knowledge about our worldwide experiences and lessons learned by applying the principles of Growing by Plant Empowerment. This will help you to improve your personal ‘limiting factor’ in order to get to the next level of crop growth optimization.

The session starts at 8.30 AM with a breakfast and ends at 11.45 AM. Register here.

Date: 11 or 12th of June 2019
Location: Amsterdam RAI, room: F005 (F-entrance)


8.30 hrs
Welcome guests & breakfast

9.00 hrs
Introduction to basic principles of growing by Plant Empowerment
By one of the authors of the book

9.30 hrs
How to control crop transpiration?
You will learn more on how growers can control or support the plants water uptake in different ways.
By Remy Maat | Saint-Gobain Cultilene and Réne Beerkens | Hoogendoorn Growth Management

10.00 hrs
Optimal pollination and plant resilience using climate screens
We will zoom in on the Energy Balance. By understanding this balance we can explain some issues with pollination and plant health.
By Mark van der Werf | Koppert Biological Systems and Ton Habraken | Ludvig Svensson

10.30 hrs
Coffee break

10.45 hrs
Presentation about the possibilities of using the right grow light data in greenhouses to improve the light use efficiency.
By Hans de Vries | Hortilux Schréder and Peter Reijm | LetsGrow.com

11.15 hrs
Forum discussion

11.45 hrs
End of session


What you will learn?

  • Backgrounds, basic principles and applications of Plant Empowerment.
  • How to irrigate based on the plant needs with supplementary lighting or diffuse climate screens?
  • How to attain control over humidity and light transmission with efficient screening?
  • What are the latest innovations in the area of screening and automation?
  • How do we make best use of the control potential of the substrate?
  • How to have a more active plant climate at no cost?
  • How to achieve a more homogenous climate in your greenhouse?
  • How to reduce disease pressure by preventing crop condensation?
  • What is the impact of the assimilates balance on crop health?
  • How to monitor and improve the Light Use Efficiency of your crop?
  • How to obtain a more resilient crop?

Note: Please be aware of the fact that there are limited seats available, first come, first serve basis. The knowledge sessions are free of charge and we will present in English.

We are looking forward to meet you at the breakfast session during GreenTech or
at the Cultilene booth in hall 10, number 105.
Register here.


More information about the speakers:

Experts in the field of climate control and plant physiology
Founders of Next Generation Growing
Authors of the book Plant Empowerment, the basic principles
Jan Voogt, Peter van Weel, Peter Geelen |

Hoogendoorn Growth Management | René Beerkens, Greenhouse climate consultant & trainer
As a greenhouse grower’s son, it is no surprise that René Beerkens has a passion for Horticulture. René joined Hoogendoorn in 2000 to combine his interest for Information Technology and horticulture as a consultant and trainer with a focus on data driven growing. His daily job is to help growers around the world to optimize their greenhouse climate, irrigation and energy controls. This is done by digitizing growers experience based on ‘green thumb’ feelings into strategically chosen digital set points on the Hoogendoorn climate controls.

Saint-Gobain Cultilene | Remy Maat, Manager Application
Remy’s career in horticulture began at a large seed company where, after completing his studies at the Delft Agricultural College (Agrarische Hogeschool Delft) he started out as a sales representative for glasshouse crops. A few years later he shifted focus and switched from a sales function to an advisory and research role. From that moment on it was the crop itself that became more central for Remy. In its early stages his research concentrated on new breeds, but over recent years he has focused within his position at Saint-Gobain Cultilene on substrate and an advisory role in this area. His challenge lies in assisting growers to get the maximum from their substrate. By combining the knowledge of Cultilene with the basic principles of Plant Empowerment, Remy believes that real progress is being made world wide: crops can be kept better under control and efficiency gains can be made in terms of the consumption of water and fertilizers.

Koppert Biological Systems | Mark van der Werf, Consultant Natugro
Born and raised on a farm so since a kid contaminated with the “green fingers”. Studied at the University of Horticulture in Den Bosch and after that grown cucumbers and (snack) tomatoes for almost 20 years. During this period focused more and more on new growing developments: The Next Generation Growing, plant juice analyses for stearing fertilization and dosing microorganisms and bio stimulants for a stronger and healthier (more resilient) crop. Since 2016 switched to crop consulting (also for Koppert) to help growers worldwide to make their crop more resilient. This new way of growing will eventually lead to a more sustainable way of producing food.

Ludvig Svensson B.V. | Ton Habraken, Greenhouse Climate Consultant
Being born in a horticultural family in the Netherlands, I have been active in Horticulture my whole life. I am working for Svensson as a greenhouse climate consultant, offering customized advice to growers, horticultural consultants, climate screen installers and greenhouse builders, to achieve the most favorable and sustainable growth conditions in greenhouses all over the world!

Hortilux Schréder B.V. | Hans de Vries, Consultant Grow Light Performance
Born and raised in Rijnsburg, world famous for the flower bulbs and RoyalFloraHolland, Hans was surrounded by and interested in agri- and horticulture from an early age. No wonder he would join Hortilux eventually in 2016. Starting out as account manager, he soon specialized in indoor farming and LED technology. After two years, it was clear that Hans’ expertise was perfectly suited for the role of Consultant Grow Light Performance. He now advises growers on the optimal use of their grow light system, combined with Hortilux’s digital data platform HortiSense.

LetsGrow.com | Peter Reijm, Data Analyst
Grew up as son of a grower. The affinity with horticulture made him decide to start studying Plant Sciences at Wageningen University (specialization Greenhouse Horticulture). During his Master’s, Peter joined LetsGrow.com as intern. After graduating in 2017 Peter continued his work at LetsGrow as Data Analyst. His daily job is to combine knowledge on crop physiology and greenhouse technology with data analysis. Helping growers to translate all the collected data in useful information and develop data-driven growing solutions including AI technologies such as deep learning.

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